Mike Sammartano

What's Going on with that Graph?

The New York Times recently announced a new feature, aimed at bringing powerful data visualizations into the classroom. The feature, called "What's Going on with that Graph?" Will be available on the second Tuesday of every month through May of 2018. The Times will publish an engaging, informative graphic, suitable for use in a variety of different classrooms. Similar to their "What's Going on with this Picture?" feature, the graph feature will challenge students to think, observe and question.

Known for their incredible data visualizations (like this one on climate change or this one on gerrymandering), the Times is poised to make a real splash in the classroom, encouraging critical thinking, observation, and creative communication from students all around the world.

A bit more about the project…
The content and statistical concepts will be suitable for most middle and high school students. Often, we’ll strip it of some key information, then ask students three question — inspired by Visual Thinking Strategies, but anchored in math and statistics thinking:

• What do you notice?
• What do you wonder?
• What’s going on in this graph?