Mike Sammartano

Diving in to Data Studio

edgeAs I've mentioned in previous posts, I love data. I especially love interesting ways of communicating and interacting with data. As they tend to be doing these days, Google has read my mind and released a powerful new tool tasked at communicating your, always up-to-date data in beautiful ways. Google DataStudio is a powerful tool which allows you to connect a Google sheet (or a number of other data sources) to the studio and build a dashboard which will communicate the stories behind your data, with complete drag-and drop flexibility and creative control.

My first experiment with DataStudio involved the creation of a dashboard for our middle schools student reading log project. I wanted something that could be displayed on our large display in the library, so kids could see up-to-the-minute reading stats. I used DataStudio to add a combination of charts, graphs, and statistics to display the information that I wanted to, while protecting student and teacher privacy. Check out what I came up with.

DataStudio uses a familiar Google interface and, while there is a learning curve, it was fairly intuitive, and actually fun to use. I'm already thinking about my next DataStudio project.